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Costa Rica

The majority of the time, we were staying in La Fortuna, so all the food discussed below are in that area.

We stayed at the Arenal Monoa & Hot Springs Hotel, It was a beautiful hotel in a good location. There was also free breakfast every morning. They also had lunch and dinner, but there was only a minimal amount of vegan options. 

Gallery image of this property

I couldn’t go to Costa Rica and not eat my body weight in fruit. I always had a huge plate for breakfast and even for snacks throughout the day. The watermelon, pineapple, papaya, and bananas we have in the U.S. is sub-par compared to how good it is in Costa Rica.  


I was unsure of how well I was going to be able to eat in Costa Rica as a vegan. After this first restaurant, I new I would be okay. We found Restaurante Tiquicia via TripAdvisor and before everyone went in, I asked if they had anything vegan. They were incredibly nice and accommodating about my dietary restrictions. We got the plantains as an appetizer and I got the vegetarian casado and they substituted anything that wasn’t vegan. Is was very good and a ton of food. They also have good Pina Coladas.



When we came across La Ventanita, we were not sure what to thing because it was a restaurant in someones backyard (which isn’t uncommon in Costa Rica).  This place ended up being my favorite of the entire trip. We again got the plantains as an appetizer. They were even better than the last place. I had the vegan taco bowl and papaya smoothie. If I was going to recommend only one place to eat in the La Fortuna area, this would be it. 


Organico Fortuna is a restaurant in the more downtown area of La Fortuna. I got a milkshake, which was a little on the icey side but still very good, and the falafel sandwich, which came with a passion fruit dressing that gave it a whole new taste than a normal falafel. It was very very yummy. They even used straws made out of bamboo, which made me like the restaurant even more. I couldn’t find a menu online anywhere when we originally looked it up, so I took pictures of the hole thing and have put them at the end of this post. 



Even as a vegan, I found plenty of Costa Rican chocolate I could eat. We did a chocolate tour with Rainforest Chocolate Tour. We learned about cocoa, got to participate (and taste) the process of harvesting the fruit to making chocolate.  Plus they had I wide variety of Costa Rican Chocolate for purchase. 




Vegan surrounded by meat-eaters

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