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College Station, Texas

Since I am here all the time for university, I will just add/update this single post about vegan options around town!

Aggie Football at Kyle Field


I do the majority of my grocery shopping at either the H-E-B on Texas Ave or William D. Fitch Pkwy. They have a great selection and I usually find most of what I’m looking for.

If I can’t find something at H-E-B or I’m looking for a more specialty item, like vegan nacho cheese dip, I head to one of the natural food stores. I mostly go to Brazos Natural Foods because it is the closest, but I will, also, go to Village Foods Pharmacy in Bryan.


My friends and I have a few favorite restaurants that we always go to. They have, recently been Blaze Pizza, Aji Sushi, and BJ’s.

At Blaze Pizza, their regular crust and original marinara sauce is vegan. They, also, have vegan cheese! I always build my own pizza. I actually prefer to opt-out of having the vegan cheese and just load it with veggies. I absolutely loveeee this pizza.

At Aji Sushi, they have a vegan bento box, that I have actually yet to try! I almost always order the cucumber rolls and the vegetable fried rice without egg. They are super cool about letting you leave out stuff, like the egg in fried rice.

At BJ’s, I have recently been getting one of the following- the Enlightened Kale and Roasted Brussels Sprout Salad with no cheese or the Enlightened Barbacoa Cauliflower Pita Tacos without the cheese or Greek yogurt Creme. I, also, have a French fry obsession and really like theirs. If you are unsure of what to get, ask for their allergy menu! They list everything out, such as what items have dairy and eggs in them.

At Zoë’s Kitchen, okay this menu they have for different diets is the bomb. It is also delicious!

Brazos Proper Texas Kitchen– This restaurant is located inside the hotel on campus. We went here when I graduated the first time. I ordered the Mixed Grain Salad with a side of fries. I highly recommend this salad! They also make really good cocktails.


Shirz Shish Kabob– They list everything on the menu that is vegetarian/vegan. Because it is my favorite, I go the Falafel with rice. I wanted to get it as a sandwich, but was told the pita bread isn’t vegan. For $10, I got enough food for two meals.



Vegan surrounded by meat-eaters

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