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Nashville, Tennessee

Here goes nothing! Hope you enjoy my first post…

I was in Tennessee for a week with my mom, aunt, and younger cousin (all meat-eaters). I found some restaurants from another blogger ( A Southern Gypsy) and just had to lookup menus for the rest (I use Trip Adviser a lot).

Day 1: 

We flew in very early and I had a banana and water in the airport before take off.

When we arrived, we got brunch at The Post . (discovered on the blog linked above). They had an enormous amount of vegan option! I got the waffles with the seasonal compote, which was strawberries, blueberries, and lavender. I, also, got a side of fruit. This meal was amazing and I ate until I couldn’t eat another bite! One of my favorites; definitely recommend this restaurant.



In the afternoon, we were exploring downtown Nashville. After stopping to try different cocktails, listen to bands, and get chips and salsa as an appetizer at a few different bars, we went to Mellow Mushroom because I saw that they had vegan cheese. I opted to build my own pizza- for the sauce, I just got oil and garlic and topped it with vegan cheese, spinach, green peppers, and onion. I ended up only eating half and saved the rest to eat in the hotel later.


Day 2:

In the morning, we were heading towards the Adventure Science Center, so I found a southern breakfast restaurant nearby, Biscuit Love. I got the Banana Foster Oatmeal with a side of fruit. The oatmeal was made with coconut milk and there was so much of it that I barely put a dent in it.


While out looking for resale shops, we stumbled upon No Baked, a place that sells cookie dough like ice cream. All of the cookie dough bases are vegan and they have 3 (4, if you consider Oreos vegan) flavors that are vegan. It was so good! Though, I couldn’t eat it all because it was so sweet and had to save the rest for later.


For dinner, we were in a rush to get ready for the CMT Music Awards, so we ordered food via Uber Eats. We decided based on what would arrive the fasted. We went with Nuvo Burrito and I had the Berkeley Burrito with no cheese. The traffic was really bad, so the burrito got a little soggy, but otherwise good. SorryI didn’t get a picture of this!

Day 3:

We decided to just go to the restaurant across the street from our hotel, Pucketts. This was a really southern style restaurant and I had very limited options. I had to just order three sides: fruit, potatoes, and whole wheat toast.


We headed to The Gulch district or Nashville to take a picture in front of the iconic #WhatLiftsYou wings. I saw Juice Bar and just had to get something. I went with The Doc. It contained kale, spinach, probiotics, spirulina, ginger, mint, blueberries, strawberries, banana, and juiced apple. There was extra, so they gave it to me in a large, even though I had only ordered the small! This was an amazing smoothie and a really nice snack to follow my okay breakfast.


In between doing a backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry and going to a concert there in the evening, we explored and ate at the Opryland Hotel. This place is ginormous and we decided to eat at Wasabi’s Sushi and Cascades. This two restaurants are attached and you can order from both/either. I went with a huge bowl of edamame and the Mango Vegetable Roll. This was another one of my favorite meals!


Day 7:

We came back to fly out of Nashville, after spending time in the Rocky Mountains. We didn’t want to have to go far from out hotel near the airport, so we went to Darfons. I got the Chef’s Summer Salad and a side of fries. Both were very good.


Photos that don’t involve food:

Fontanel Mansion

CMA Fest was going on when we were there


Vegan surrounded by meat-eaters

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